A.BCH will be taking part in Melbourne Fashion week 2018. But we aren't here to show off our latest collection or give away face cream samples. No, we're here to ask you to keep wearing the clothing you ALREADY OWN. Read on...

Image by Katie Goodwin


Fashion Week with an A.BCH Twist

Fashion Week is nearly here. While Melbourne socialites will flock to the runways and many will capitalise on the discounts and goodie bags, not to mention the new outfits that will be purchased in the lead up...we at A.BCH are bringing balance to the frenzy. And it involves clothes you already own. Shocking, right?

Care – Repair – Wear is back, on site with the runways, right next to the fashion chatter. If you haven't been to our C–R–W workshop before, then now is the time to get involved! Melbourne Fashion Week have kindly provided us the space, the A.BCH team will provide the tools, equipment and expertise. All you need to do is book your spot and show up, bringing along your broken-down wardrobe favourites. Think pants with holes, knits with ladders and shirts without buttons. Our founder Courtney Holm will show you how to mend, darn and sew your way to a more beautiful garment in a way that also celebrates its history.

Tickets are essential so make sure you book via Melbourne Fashion Week here to reserve your spot. You can also redeem the cost of your ticket at the A.BCH pop-up shop inside Town Hall (to the value of $15, the other $5 goes to Ticketek).

Where: Melbourne Fashion Week – Melbourne Town Hall
When: Friday 31st August 2018, 2pm + 3:30pm


Many brands will appear to care about important issues at some point or another, but have you noticed they are always trying to get you to buy something new? Sometimes the biggest stand we can make against the perils of clothing production is to keep the garments we have wearable and in-use for longer. So, fellow activists/world changers who also love fashion, we will see you there. x

p.s. Can't make C–R–W? This year, A.BCH is also taking part in one of MFW's Street Runways. It's chill, and very Melbourne. Forget about tickets, this one's for free. Check out one or both sessions on Tattersalls Lane on Thursday 6th September.

Where: Section 8, Tattersalls Lane
When: Thursday 6th September 2018, 1:30pm + 4:30pm

More info here.

You can also email us any time to ask questions or give feedback.