Our clothes are affordable because we don’t mark them up to traditional retail prices. We’d never want to price people out of making a difference.


Honest Prices, Always
Courtney Holm

We have no discounts today, nor on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other sale-crazed, violence-inducing day of the shopping year. Why not, you ask? Well, because our prices are honest all of the time. Not just when we've made too much stock (we've never made too much of anything), and not when we've deemed something "last season". We're not into clever marketing telling you that you'll miss out, compelling you to buy without thinking. This is how our pricing structure works. Plain and simple for all to see. Best of all, it's the same every day, so you never have to feel rushed to buy from us. 

Cost Breakdown (in AUD):

Fabric (organic, knitted in Melbourne too!)
Components (like threads, labels, buttons + more)
Cut, Make, Trim (Ethical Clothing Australia accredited)
Transport Costs
Transaction Fees
Shipping, Returns, Packaging
Overheads, Wages, Super
Marketing, Website, Design
Post Purchase Care
Traditional Retail for Comparable Product
Our Price
$85.50 + GST = $95 AUD

Our pricing structure breakdown, based on our A.01 Classic Split Tee

A.BCH is here to provide a simple solution to a complex problem. We create beautifully designed pieces, crafted from the most responsibly sourced materials, designed and made for circularity. But that's only half of what we do. We're also here to help you look past the hype and become more conscious when you buy. We're here to show you how to care for your clothing properly, teach you tips and tricks to mend and up-cycle your beloved wardrobe favourites and make your clothing last a lifetime. Finally, we're here to ensure your clothing doesn't go to landfill, ever. You don't even have to buy from us. Consider us your new, healthier alternative to fashion. 

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