A.BCH Code of Ethics



A.BCH is a values driven fashion business demonstrating how fashion should be part of a circular economy today. Our mission is three-fold:  

  • Develop deeply considered products within planetary boundaries that also uplift and respect each person in the circular supply chain.
  • Create simple, accessible and positive solutions for our customers across products, education and ideas.
  • Advocate for change and collaborate across industries to turn ideas into action via shared systems.


Our vision is to transform mindsets, practices and products through individuals, the industry and legislation, in order to urgently realise a circular economy future.



1. OUR PEOPLE. We commit to honesty and treating all our partners (employees, suppliers, contractors and extended circular supply chain) with respect and dignity. We do this by committing to fair working conditions, living wages and mutual esteem throughout the company and our supplier partners.

2. OUR CUSTOMERS. We'll be transparent within our organisation and to our customers. We give full disclosure about how our products came to be and provide scientific evidence to back our claims. We disclose the history of product and component origin on any product we well. As we are always learning and strive to improve our practises further, we actively encourage our customers to give us honest feedback.

3. OUR ENVIRONMENT. The Business as Usual fashion and textile industry is a major culprit in environmental destruction. Therefore, we commit to caring for the planet by adopting a circular economy mindset. The four principals we adopt are:

- Eliminate waste + pollution
- Circulate Products + Materials (at their highest value)
- Regenerate Nature
- Respect all People

4. OUR INDUSTRY. Build long term relationships with our suppliers and create mutual agreements to protect people and planet. We'll source locally wherever possible in order to ensure factory compliance to local laws and stimulate the local manufacturing economy. We will engage in ethical international sourcing for the things that cannot be done locally. We will always be upfront about our entire supply chain disclosing where our garments originated, how they should be cared for the longest lifespan and how they can be disposed of at the end.

5. OUR BUSINESS. We commit to doing business responsibly in order to become a sustainable business that will thrive within planetary boundaries. However, profitability is not our only measure of success as we are equally concerned with the human and environmental impact of being in business. We’re on a mission to thrive in a space of equilibrium where we can employ the best humans alive, demonstrate the circular economy in action and transform the future of how people buy, wear and discard clothing.