A.BCH operated as a circular fashion label from 2016-2024. Our sole purpose was to champion a better way to design, make, wear and circulate clothing to help create a more equitable and sustainable world.

While we no longer make new clothing ourselves, we still have so much to offer the industry and our customers, whether you have bought from us or not. We see ourselves as an ongoing case study for how clothing of the future can be designed, made and circulated.

So what is it? Circular Design is an approach to developing products and systems that incorporates three key circular economy principals; designing out waste, keeping materials and products in use and regenerating natural systems. Informed by the work of Cradle2Cradle and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, whole systems thinking and our learned experience, we've forged the path for what circular fashion means in practice. We've been developing our methodology since 2016 and continually reflect and refine our knowledge and practices over time.

We believe circular design is the future of clothes if we're to sustain planet and people for future generations. We also believe there must be significant slowing-down of global consumption and production, and an end to the exploitative fast fashion model. Our hope is that A.BCH will be proof that fashion can and must do better.

Our in-house team cut, make, repair and remanufacture - all at the A.BCH Circular Factory

So how do we actually do it?

1. Use 100% regenerative + biologically circular inputs (individually and cumulatively) for all our clothing

2. Research, develop, test and create products for longevity, repair and remanufacture

3. Track, reduce and eliminate material and energy waste in the industrial, manufacturing and post consumer lifecycle phases

4. Provide communications, extended care + producer responsibility for all items we make

We also care a lot about the many people in our supply chain, from growers to sewers and beyond. We employ our own garment workers and technicians directly and purposely invest in Australian manufacturing jobs as an ethical imperative. We're building capacity in our West Melbourne Circular Factory and we're proud to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, paying above award wages to our team.

For suppliers not employed directly by us, we work to uncover the truth about every fibre and process used in our products, tracing whole supply chains, learning about artisans and skills involved and telling you what we've learned on each product page – where you can see the whole story of how each garment came to be.

We work with traceable raw materials, while physically visiting as many of our suppliers as possible and building relationships with the same mills over years, while sharing these stories with our customers.

We're Lifecycle obsessed – with everything we do centred around the birth, life and afterlife of clothes. Read more on that here. Or cycle through the main menu to go deeper into what circularity means for us and you.

A.BCH clothing repairs are on us, or create a custom kit and DIY.