Images shot by Michelle Nace for A.BCH. Written by Courtney Holm.


Introducing: Recycled + Organic Cotton Jersey
Courtney Holm

Introducing our new range of UNDYED, lush recycled + organic cotton jerseys. Our 170gm jersey begins life as waste cotton and virgin organic cotton. Each feedstock stream is certified (Recycled Content Standard and Organic Cotton Standard respectively). 

The yarn is created in Spain from local cotton offcuts and industrial waste which is collected, scientifically colour sorted based on projected waste inputs and mechanically loosened/shred before being blended in the spinning process with lush organic fibres for extra strength. There are no additional dyes aded which means the colour literally comes from the waste – so poetic!

The finished recycled yarns are sent direct to our local mill partner MTK, who knit it into a beautiful, soft, mid-weight jersey. Delightful.

Wondering about the recycling process? Check out our 101 post on Recycled Textiles or learn more from our yarn producer, Recover.

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3 close up images of the recycled and organic cotton jersey - knitted in australia