Excess packaging sucks, which is why we've updated how we deliver your A.BCH goods.


Our Packaging
Courtney Holm

From the very beginning, A.BCH has not been a particularly fluffy business. We worked tirelessly with our designers pre-launch to come up with the most simplified version of everything in order to reduce waste and avoid much scorned unnecessary packaging that comes with so many online orders.

We have recently updated our packaging to include home-compostable solutions, as after running a 6 month trial where we allowed our customers to choose what kind of packaging they would receive, the overwhelming vote was for home-compostable. So from now on, this will become our default packaging for most of our domestic orders. However, we still aren't 100% certain that every person who chose this packaging has a home compost system and so wanted to expand further into what this means.

Home Compostable Satchels

Home compost satchels are lightweight (better for carbon emissions), require much less energy to produce than recycled paper packaging, and when composted at home, can become nutritious worm food or soil to benefit your garden. They are a little flimsier than our super sturdy recycled cardboard and paper satchels, but for domestic orders, this is not such a problem when delivering things like t-shirts and sweaters. Compostable, however, does not mean you can throw it in your general waste. This satchel should never end up in landfill as it won't break down easily (just like everything else in there). If you don't currently have a home compost system or worm farm, then you can visit Recycling Near You to discover local solutions, like council pickups or local drop off points (hint: save up your satchels and your food scraps and drop them off together). Alternatively, check out this very clever app called Share Waste that helps you find "hosts" for composting nearby. You could also visit Better Packaging Co, our satchel manufacturers who have a tonne more detail on their site about their packaging and why it’s fly.

Because home-compostable satchels are now the default for MOST of our domestic deliveries, you'll need to email us immediately after placing your order if you want to revert to the original recycled/recyclable satchel or packaging. 

Recyclable Boxes/Satchels

We will continue to use our 100% post consumer waste recycled + recyclable boxes, satchels and tissue for most of our international orders (for some extra protection while travelling across the seas) and for any local delicate deliveries (ie. Red Line pieces, tailored linen shirts etc). While this packaging is great because pretty much everyone has access to curb-side paper/cardboard recycling, it does have a bigger environmental impact to reclaim, recycle and recycle again due to the energy required for each of these steps than our home compostable satchels do. Still, it's much better than plastic.

Swing Tags

If you've ordered from us recently, you might have noticed something missing? Or maybe you didn't notice at all. I have often wondered what to do with swing tags after purchasing something online. Can they be recycled? Should I keep them? Isn't it all a bit wasteful? I think that the swing tag is an outdated concept for online businesses. Swing tags might make more sense in a store, but in our digital world, we think we can do better than what's always been done. Right now our A.BCH team are busy developing a digital swing tag that will come via email with every order. Your digital swing tag and digital care guide will be joined into one, and this is something you can keep or pass on to someone in the future (say if you purchase it as a gift, pass it on to a sibling or friend or if you re-sell it one day). If you loose your digital swing tag, you can always email us for a re-issue.


Pick-Up Orders

Previously, A.BCH orders were lovingly wrapped in recycled tissue and placed in a recycled paper bag for pick-up. Going forward we will be using our fabric offcuts to bundle your pieces together (just as lovingly) and when you arrive the bag will be up to you. We've decided this step is necessary in further reducing our waste while allowing a bit of time to gently transition. We'd love it if you brought your own bag along (like you do for your grocery shop) to protect your pieces as they head home with you. We'll also have our lovely re-usable string bags available for on the spot purchase. Eventually, we'll phase out disposable bags entirely!

Do you have opinions on packaging? Had a ridiculously over packaged parcel arrive to you recently and wanna rant? Drop us a line.