Birth is the beginning of the lifecycle, but it's also the middle and the end. Campaign Creative Direction by Courtney Holm. Art Direction by Studio Hi Ho. Photography by Gavin Green.


Courtney Holm

A.BCH Birth Campaign image with two woman, one with a red bag and the other walking past with red sleeve detail.

Our campaign features models left to right, Hannah and Adhel. Hannah wears the denim overcoat, the A.14 Sleeveless Skivvy Dress in Navy and the A.36 Mock Neck Skivvy in Cherry. Adhel wears the A.05 in Hemp/Organic Cotton with the limited edition Knitting Bag.

Birth is the beginning of the lifecycle, but it's also the middle and the end, you see nothing is born unless something was first planted, and what is planted cannot thrive without nourishment from what came before. Campaigns for fashion brands are beautiful, intriguing and... trying to sell you something. At A.BCH we do seasons differently. We follow the beat of nature's drum and focus our attention on the cycles of Birth, Life and Afterlife. This is, after all how the earth’s seasons operate and exist. Perhaps for reflection, but definitely not to update one's wardrobe. While of course we all need and desire new things from time to time, we'd rather not market to you in this way. If we truly are going to transform the way people buy, wear and discard clothing then we must draw a line, we must start here. So rather than sweep you up in the latest trends, why don't you join us in falling in love with the stories of the garments we already have. And when we really do need something new, let's go deep into how and why it came to be. This is what Birth is all about at A.BCH.

This year we want to share some of the stories we've been following within our supply chain. Some of them are a little rough around the edges and others are very slick, but they are always full of humanity and the very raw and personal reasons people strive for a better world. Our hope for this "season" is to dwell on the processes that make a garment special, to hear from the people you never normally hear from, our artisan knitter, wool farmers and textile dyers. This year has also presented challenging implications due to COVID, but it's expanded our horizons within our own backyard as we look to Australia's rich natural resource as well as the unique powers of both the individual and collective. Can we, here is Aus and beyond, work together to create a better system, one that is more equitable for the workers in the supply chain, that allows the story of the farmer to be told and celebrates our higher cost of labour rather than running away from it?

I do hope you'll join the team and myself as we unravel some of the intricacies of our supply chain, share important developments in our materials library and learn why both ancient and modern technology and practises are paving the way for our fashion future. And it's not just for us, it's for everyone who cares to know how the clothes on their back came to be.

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Courtney + The A.BCH Team

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