In an effort to make circular fashion more accessible, we've partnered with RNTR. Now you can rent a selection of much loved A.BCH styles. Image by Courtney Holm.


Announcing Rental
Courtney Holm

At A.BCH, we see circularity is an investment in our future. We know this isn't always the most affordable route for clothing oneself and with the onslaught of fast (and faster) fashion, it can be hard to calibrate a healthy wardrobe in volume, style and longevity. Our aim is to provide opportunities for more people to participate in circular fashion, understanding that ownership is not always possible or that by renting, people can try before committing to a style*. So, that’s why we’re partnering with Rntr – an Australian clothing rental platform.Learn more about what they do here.

You can now explore our rental launch range where we'll be offering a selection of much loved pieces to rent from our core and limited collections as well as curated capsule collections.

*Renters will receive 15% off the purchase of the rented item/s if and when they (we think it's a matter of time, really) decide they want to keep it in their forever wardrobe.

Got any feedback, ideas or suggestions on how we can create more options for people to participate in circular fashion? Get in touch.

Love, Courtney