Life is for Every Body. Campaign Creative Direction by Courtney Holm. Art Direction by Studio Hi Ho. Photography by Gavin Green.


Courtney Holm

A.BCH Sustainable Fashion Made in Melbourne Circular Design Organic Seersucker Organic Undyed Skivvy

Our campaign features models left to right, Adhel and Lezlie. Adhel wears the A.14 Long Sleeve Skivvy in Undyed, the A.10 Palazzo Trousers in Black + Red Line - The Styling Piece 2 in Bone (coming November 21). Lezlie wears the A.36 Mock Neck Skivvy in Undyed and the A.41 Oversize Shirt in Bone (coming November 21).


Life is hopeful, practical, it's for you, me, all of us. In the context of A.BCH Seasons and the Lifecycle of Things, Life might be my favourite season of all. That's because it's where we as individuals can have the greatest environmental impact when it comes to the things we buy and use. We all have the power to cherish what we have for longer and not feed the beast. 

I acknowledge the challenge. With constant marketing bombarding us and decades of social pressure coaxing us to continually buy more, to update, to refresh... to consume. The messaging is relentless, yet I do believe it's possible to push past all that and nourish our deeper values.

For our little brand and the people who make us, it has to be holistic. We can't make, sell and forget. It's our responsibility to show you what goes into making a garment, how you can keep it loved for as long as possible and even what will come of it in the end. It's about honouring the process and the entire lifecycle. It's about getting the fit right for greater physical and emotional durability. It looks like customer centric clothing and customisations to suit your unique body. It's the fact we'd rather mend your clothes for you, show you how to sew a button or provide you with care tips to make your garments feel fresh again than convince you to buy something new prematurely. When you do buy new, it's buying for life, not a season. 

This is actually why we started A.BCH Seasons. To recalibrate what a season can mean, shine a light on the cycle of needs over a lifetime and build respectful connections across the value chain - from raw materials, processes, methods, people, skills, care and return to nature.

Our mission is helping you find joy, creativity and newness in making your clothes last the longest they can. We don't want you to suppress your need for freshness, wear clothes you hate or abstain from your personal style and flair. But we might ask you to come on a journey with us to slow things down, to shop wiser, to contemplate what you really love, need and will keep.

For the next four months we'll explore what it means to shop your own wardrobe, how to care for specific fibres, mending and laundry-best-practice (oh and did you hear? Laundry's gone all luxury this year). We'll do our part to equip and inspire, while continuing our customisations, free repairs for life service + having our friendly customer service team available for advice.

However you engage with us this season, perhaps through learning or having something custom made for you it's our gentle hope that your wardrobe will be loved and cherished all the longer. 

Life is for EVERY BODY. So welcome to the family.

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x Courtney

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