Introducing Transition, a mini-campaign and capsule by A.BCH.

Images by Katie Goodwin


Courtney Holm


Transition is an enquiry into the layers of self, from the transparent to the deeply hidden. Exploratory silhouettes morph into a draped backdrop as we explore the natural shape material takes on the body. Delicate detailing speaks to the emotional connection of textures and comfortabilities which each of us access for both function and expression.

As the earth transitions into an era of heightened climate danger and increasingly devastating humanitarian and ecological crises, those that rule the world purport business as usual. To explore the cognitive dissonance this creates in the human brain, Transition aims to expose and cover, bracing back and forth with the tensions of real and imagined.

Materiality is ever important. Every fibre in Transition by A.BCH is made for biological circularity and highlights the creative feats of technological materials like Tencel Luxe paired side-by-side with the age-old wonders of Hemp. As always, the making aspect is deeply imbedded in our practice, delivering intelligent design which considers the entire lifecycle of the whole garment. Fabrications, trims and threads are from renewable and recyclable sources, including our limited edition Japanese and Belgium milled fabrics, un-dyed organic ecrus and an Australian-first, plant based silk alternative, Tencel Luxe.

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A.BCH Collections – 01 Transition A

A.BCH Collections – 01 Transition B

A.BCH Transition - Organic Cotton

A.BCH Transition - Hemp + Organic Cotton

A.BCH Collections – 01 Transition C

A.BCH Collections – 01 Transition D

A.BCH Collections – 01 Transition E

A.BCH Transition - Hemp + Organic Cotton + Organic Linen

These pieces will be drop released at a sustainable pace over the coming months. See something you need now? We can make it to order in the interim. Email us.