Our collaborative, natural dye + embroidery workshop for Fashion Revolution Open Studio 2019, titled NATURAL.

Product images by Katie Goodwin | Workshop Images by Michelle Nace


Courtney Holm

Another year and perfect time for a Fashion Revolution. In April each year, the industry turns inward to look at the impact fashion is having on people and the planet. This is thanks to Fashion Revolution, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2014 to spread awareness and fight fashion injustice. Read their manifesto here.

For us, Fashion Revolution is not just a week or month of awareness. It's a way of life, 365 days a year. This year we were beyond thrilled to present the first workshop of its kind from A.BCH that celebrates the beauty of nature and co-creation (with you!). NATURAL is a workshop where we showed you how to dye your garments utilising toxin free dyes spanning indigo to food scraps. We also did some embroidery and shibori to help make your garment extra special with tying, resist stitching and/or decoration utilising offcuts from the A.BCH library, like hemp and organic cotton.


Natural Dyeing

Natural Dye workshop

Natural Dye workshop

Natural Dye Workshop

This year, all our participants received a previously unreleased A.BCH T-shirt, made from hemp and organic cotton, made to order and prepared for dye and embellishment.

And now, to introduce you to our collaborators:

Tamara Leacock of Remuse Designs - voted by Vogue Australia as the designer to watch in the vegan fashion space, our queen of low-impact dye technology, known for her artisan techniques and Afro-futurist aesthetics.

Teslin Doud of The Threads Studio - we call her re-use royalty. A Parsons alumni and creative consultant redefining waste, Tess helped to pioneer the EILEEN FISHER Renew program which is a huge success to this day.

Courtney Holm of A.BCH, our fearless leader, BT emerging designer of the year nominee, pioneering voice of circular fashion and workshop facilitator to a better future.



The A.BCH Limited Edition Hemp/Organic Cotton T-Shirt - only available for workshop participants, and prepared for optimal dye results.