Photography by Cydney Cosette. Styling by Margaret Williamson Bechtold. Models: Mueni Rudd + Julian McCamman-McGinnis. Campaign Design by Jasmine Holm and Marcus Hollands


Courtney Holm

Our campaign is based on the idea of the infinite, playing on the notion that a well made garment should last forever.

Set in Austin, Texas, Infinity portrays a dreamscape of wild surroundings where new and old man-made structures have been positioned in nature. 

Through time and deterioration, some of these structures have naturally evolved to become part of the landscape, others sit with a temporal air. Parallels are drawn to the relationship a person has with their clothing as some endure, and some are discarded almost immediately.

We look at the enduring garment as it is annexed to a person’s wardrobe and relentlessly tested against social constructs, representation and time. We see the enduring garment that is loved as a piece that is infinite, evolving with and on the person who loves it. 

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