A.BCH Red Line The Styling Piece 1 RL-TSP1 Light Indigo Chambray in Hemp and Organic Cotton
A.BCH Red Line The Styling Piece 1 RL-TSP1 Light Indigo Chambray in Hemp and Organic Cotton
A.BCH Red Line The Styling Piece 1 RL-TSP1 Light Indigo Chambray in Hemp and Organic Cotton
A.BCH Red Line The Styling Piece 1 RL-TSP1 Light Indigo Chambray in Hemp and Organic Cotton
A.BCH Red Line The Styling Piece 1 RL-TSP1 Light Indigo Chambray in Hemp and Organic Cotton


The Styling Piece 1
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100 C
Top Width 19 C
Total Tie Length
125 C



Adhel is 5'9" and wears The Styling Piece 1 in OS.




The Styling Piece 1 is a versatile and unique item that can be worn as a top layer under a shirt collar like a necklace, wrapped around and tied at the back as a shirt or tied around the hips or waist as a dramatic belt. Wear it with the A.10 Palazzo Trousers or over the A.07 T-Shirt Dress.


  • Made to order (2 weeks)
  • Circular Design
  • Plant Based
  • Made from offcuts
  • Main: 59% GOTS Organic Cotton / 41% Hemp
  • Milled in Japan
  • Made in Australia
  • ECA Accredited
  • Includes Digital Care Guide



Product Lifecycle



The Styling Piece 1 is made in-house at the A.BCH circular factory. Our factory and HQ operate on 100% renewable wind power and we carbon offset our energy use. The fabric is re-claimed from the offcuts of a hemp/organic cotton blended chambray. The fabric is very narrow due to the fact it was woven on vintage shuttle looms, and depending on the size of the garment required, results in long strips of offcut material. We cut our pattern pieces from these offcuts before recutting and constructing the piece. This piece is not produced in batches, each one is cut and made individually with a 2 week turnaround. Our operations are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.



Pty Ltd




A lush blend of 41% Hemp + 59% GOTS certified organic cotton, grown and spun in India and imported into Japan by the mill. Yarns are first dyed with low-impact dyes, before being woven on a vintage shuttle loom in Nishiwaki, a city based in the  Hyōgo prefecture in Japan. This is the very end of the mill's production and we secured the final 36 meters left on the roll, which was ordered though our wholesaler Shino Shouten. This fabric is the perfect chambray weight for shirting and is available across our shirting range until it's gone.



A.BCH - Offcuts

Original Source - Shino

Victoria, Australia

Osaka, Japan



100% Tencel Lyocell, Cradle 2 Cradle certified Gold. Tencel Lyocell is made from eucalyptus tree pulp, which is FSC and Canopy verified. The fibre is created by Lenzing in Austria, which is then spun and dyed in Switzerland. The thread is strong, durable and colourfast and is certified biodegradable in land and marine environments.



Johann Müller AG




Our labels are woven un-dyed and black OCS organic cotton, grown in the Xinjiang province in China. The labels were created after we searched high and low for a supplier who would be willing to weave organic cotton into labels for us, and we finally found one thanks to our wholesale partner. This is a positive step, however we are working to have these labels GOTS certified in the future as well.



Hangzhou Xiosham
Damdan Textile Co., Ltd


Care Label


100% organic cotton, printed with Oeko Tex 100 certified inks. The yarns are sourced in India from GOTS certified mills and are woven at our supplier-owned mill into tape. They are then whitened according to GOTS standards using oxygen based whiteners and digitally printed.



Britannia Packaging

Leicester, UK



Our default packaging for local orders, home-compostable satchels have the lowest environmental impact when composted locally. Please don't throw this into your general waste bin, instead, after re-use, compost at home or find other solutions here. You can contact us immediately after placing your order to request recyclable packing instead.



For extra fragile goods, or international orders, we use 100% post-consumer waste recycled and RECYCLABLE satchels, boxes and tissue paper. After re-use, these can go into your curb-side paper recycling bin. 



Organic fibres need just a little more TLC than conventional ones. Hand wash in COLD water using a laundry bar or gentle eco-friendly detergents (check that there is no added bleach in your laundry detergents as these may discolour the bag). Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry or dry-clean. We'll send a detailed digital care guide when you buy this piece.



We stand by our garments + offer complimentary repairs for all A.BCH pieces. Our free repairs are for general wear and tear, all we ask is that you cover the cost of delivery or drop off to our Melbourne studio and that you launder your piece prior to drop off. Re-making or alterations can also be requested + will be individually quoted based on the time required.

End of Life


Help extend the life of The Styling Piece 1 by sending or dropping it back to us for store credit – we'll even cover the shipping. Depending on its condition, we'll repair & re-sell it (as second hand), remake it into something or if it's no longer useful, we'll transform it into brand new yarns through our Recycling Program (so circular, darling).



The Styling Piece 1 was specifically designed for easy mechanical or cellulose chemical recycling. Send or drop it back to us for store credit, we'll even pay for shipping. Once received and assessed, the piece is washed and prepared for mechanical recycling. The yarns we create from this process will become feedstock for future A.BCH styles.



If returning is unlikely (you're busy with a climate rally or living off the grid), The Styling Piece 1 is biodegradable as a last resort. After a long life of use, repair and re-use, simply cut the garment into smaller pieces and bury in your garden soil. It should biodegrade entirely within 4-8 weeks, depending on conditions.





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