A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Peach Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton
A.BCH A.13 Stone Crop Zero Waste Sweater in Organic Cotton


Cropped Zero Waste Sweater
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Circumference - Chest

124 134 144
Circumference - Chest 113 123 133
Circumference - Sleeve 42 42 42
Length – Front Body 47 47 47
Length – Back Body 55 55 55



Jasmin is 5'7", Australian size 14-16 and wears the A.13 in L.

Zali is 5’10”, Australian 8-10 and wears the A.13 in M.

Juliette is 5'8", Australian 6-8 and wears the A.13 in S.




The best of Japanese tech on Australian soil, 3D knitted using natural-dyed, organic cotton yarns, the A.13 Crop Sweater is an understated drapey staple. The dyes used on these organic yarns are all sourced from varying natural minerals, so the result is a beautiful marle effect without the use of toxic chemicals.


  • Circular Design
  • Vegan
  • Natural Dyes
  • Main: 100% OCS Cotton
  • Seamless 3D Knitted in Australia
  • ECA Accredited
  • Includes Digital Care Guide



A.BCH A.13
Product Story



The A.13 was knitted using the latest technology in Whole Garment knitting. The Japanese Shima Seiki machine is considered the best in the world and is the only with such fine knit capabilities in Australia. The design was programmed and the knitting was supervised by our knitting specialist, Patricia Chircop who is based in Mount Macedon, Victoria. Her company is certified as an approved supplier for A.BCH by Ethical Clothing Australia. Because of this innovative Whole Garment knitting technology, the A.13 garment is knitted together in 3D, eliminating pattern paper and fabric cutting waste. 




Mount Macedon,




100% OCS (Organic Content Standard) certified organic cotton, grown in the USA, Turkey, India and Uganda. The organic cotton fibres are sent to Japan where they are blended based on quality and spun into yarns ready for wholegarment knitting. These yarns have been doubled, for a weightier hand feel.







100% HANI mineral dyes include Australian Laterite, Bali Island Magnetite, Provence Yellow Ocher, Brazilian Hematite and German Brown Soil. The dyes are certified by the Institute of Primitive Technology which adheres to strict national policies for safety, environmental impact and disposal. Due to the natural makeup of these dyes, the end colour will naturally fade and develop over time, washing and exposure to sunlight. The result is a beautiful and unique patina.







100% recycled PET made in-house by a manufacturer with a passion for developing sustainable alternatives for brands. This is the only part of the garment that isn’t biodegradable. There's good news! In 2019 we developed a way to make these labels in organic cotton which feature in garments from A.31 onwards.



Avery Dennison

Hong Kong

Care Label


100% organic cotton, printed with Oeko Tex 100 certified inks. The yarns are sourced in India from GOTS certified mills and are woven at our supplier-owned mill into tape. They are then whitened according to GOTS standards using oxygen based whiteners and digitally printed.



Britannia Packaging

Leicester, UK



Our default packaging for local orders, home-compostable satchels have the lowest environmental impact when composted locally. Please don't throw this into your general waste bin, instead, after re-use, compost at home or find other solutions here. You can contact us immediately after placing your order to request recyclable packing instead.



For extra fragile goods, or international orders, we use 100% post-consumer waste recycled and RECYCLABLE satchels, boxes and tissue paper. After re-use, these can go into your curb-side paper recycling bin. 



Organic fibres need just a little more TLC than conventional ones and this very special knitted piece is no exception. Machine wash on cold in a delicates bag or hand wash for best results before laying flat to dry. Colours will fade and evolve with every wash, a celebration of the natural dye process. We'll also send a detailed digital care guide when you buy this garment.



We stand by our garments + offer complimentary repairs for all A.BCH pieces. Our free repairs are for general wear and tear, all we ask is that you cover the cost of delivery or drop off to our Melbourne studio. Re-making or alterations can also be requested + will be individually quoted based on the time required.

End of Life


Help extend the life of the A.13 by sending or dropping it back to us for store credit – we'll even cover the shipping. Depending on its condition, we'll repair & re-sell it (as second hand), remake it into something or if it's no longer useful, we'll transform it into brand new yarns through our Recycling Program (so circular, darling).



The A.13 was specifically designed for easy mechanical or cellulose chemical recycling. Due to its wholegarment and seamless production process, it can also be unravelled for reuse, as the garment contains no cuts to the yarn. Send or drop it back to us for store credit, we'll even cover the shipping. Once received and assessed, the garment is washed and prepared for mechanical recycling. The yarns we create from this process will become feedstock for future A.BCH styles.



If returning is unlikely (you're busy with a climate rally or living off the grid) you can compost the A.13. After a long life of use, repair and re-use, simply cut off the A.BCH A.13 tag (this is the only part of the garment that isn't compostable) before cutting the rest of the garment into smaller pieces and placing in your home composting system or garden soil.





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