Sets – Bundle Terms + Conditions

Sets are available for specific and limited products at the discretion of A.BCH.

Eligibility: A.BCH determines which products are eligible as a Set and communicates this information on the individual product page under "Product Description". Garments that do not have this specified on the product page are not eligible to form a Set and the Set price will not apply. For any eligible Set, the minimum bundle quantity is 3 units (or more) of the same product code in order to automatically receive Set pricing. 

Variations/Mixing + Matching: Variations on products like sleeve lengths, body lengths, sizes and colours are allowed. For example: You order 3 x A.15 t-shirts, one Classic Black size L, one Crop White size S and one Crop Navy size M. 

Customisations are also acceptable, so long as all items in the set are the same size and have an identical customisation request. For example: 4 x size small A.15 T-shirts with a custom length of -2cm from the hem applied to all items in the set.

Pricing: Set Pricing is 15% off the typical total price of the items within the set. Additional items may be added to your cart, but these will not receive the Set Pricing or further discounts.

Shop all items currently eligible as Sets here.