The current fashion system is outdated. Typically garments are created at breakneck speed on little more than a prediction for what will sell. Pieces will be made (likely by hundreds of hands) and then sent to stores where before long they'll be heavily discounted. Many will never be sold, and even more will end up in landfill. 

At A.BCH we reject this system in place of small batch manufacturing. We're modern like that. We labour over releasing every single style, and when that style is finessed and ready we make a small number of sizes, backfilling as we sell through them. These make up the A.BCH Core range which we keep producing year after year, and are article numbered for traceability. We also make a selection of our Core range to order which helps us keep more raw materials on hand as many of them cross over from style to style. Pretty much every piece can also be made to measure, allowing for customisations and requests to suit your body and preferences. For all Made to Order and Made to Measure garments, you can expect around a 2 week turnaround for us to plot, cut and stitch your garment once your order is placed.

From time to time, we'll hold official pre-orders. In this case, we may only have a limited amount of fabric available to us, or we want to test a new style before putting it into a stocked range. Either way, we'll only have a limited number of garments available to pre-order and they'll be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

We'll collect the pre-orders for a set time and then get to work creating your garment especially for you, so changes wont be able to be made after pre-ordering. Time frames will vary from 2-6 weeks depending on the product and we'll always be upfront about this on the product page. Please be patient with pre-orders, as sometimes small manufacturing delays can occur. If you order multiple items in one cart, and one of these is a pre-order, please note we will send all your pieces together in one shipment to minimise the carbon emissions.