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Why Do We Need a Fashion Revolution?
Courtney Holm

Today marks the devastating anniversary of the Bangladesh Rana Plaza Factory collapse when thousands of lives were destroyed in the name of fashion.

Here are the cold, sobering facts of that day:

3,639 workers, 80% of them women between 18-20 years old, went to work at the Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh. Many workers complained of large dangerous looking cracks in the walls of the factories and refused to enter the building, however they were threatened, beaten with sticks and forced by the factory owners to work regardless. On the morning of April 24th, 2013, the factory started collapsing almost immediately, crushing and killing 1,138 people. There were 2,500 others who were seriously injured and several others whose bodies were never found. International Global Rights Organisation.

Fashion Revolution day was held on the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse to raise awareness about this despicable tragedy and to say "never again". Every anniversary, we remember what happened to those poor souls, those who worked for 12-24c per hour on garments from many popular retailers such as Inditex (Zara) and Primark.  And don't be fooled, this was not an isolated event. Millions of workers are still forced to work in slave-like conditions that most of us couldn't even fathom. 

Fashion Revolution also encourages everyone (because everyone wears clothes) to get involved over these next two weeks to collectively show that this is just not good enough.

Who Made My Clothes

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For the next two weeks and hopefully for much longer after that, many people will ask the question "who made my clothes?" and I implore you to turn your garments inside out, take a photo and ask the retailer you bought it from to tell you more about the supply chain. Did they pay living wages to their workers? What steps have they taken to ensure that atrocities like this don't happen again?

There are many other environmental injustices happening in the industry too. From mass water and air pollution expelled from textile factories, to the microplastics killing millions of birds and sea-life due to consumers washing polyester clothes. This industry is in desperate need of a revolution. Yes, brands need to take responsibility, but so do consumers. 

Here are three things we need to change, according to Fashion Revolution to see real change in this industry.

1. Model - the actual business of fashion is all wrong as it is built on greed, over-consumption of natural resources and profiteering off of the most vulnerable. (A.BCH business model is based on benefiting people and the planet and then profits- see our FAQs for more details)

2. Material - the environment is seeing mass devastation due to the current system, change is needed from fibre to finish to ensure better treatment of people, the planet and animals. (We're working so hard on this one guys! See our Materials List for more info)

3. Mindset - people consume clothes more than ever before (400% more than 20 years ago) and yet pay less for clothes than ever before. A mindset shift is needed around what people pay for clothes, how much they buy and the transparency they demand from retailers. This is also where you come in. You have power as a consumer. You are the one who can make a change. 

Join the Fashion Revolution!