Creative Direction by Jasmine Holm and Marcus Hollands. Photography by Cydney Cosette


Future Classic
Courtney Holm

Future Classic explores the concept of sustainability as conservation. Celebrating antiquity through design, the campaign focuses on generating new artefacts with the old and new, man-made and organic.

A collaborative campaign shot in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Photographer Cydney Cosette captures details of garments, relics and glimpses of natural surroundings. Art directed by Jasmine Holm and Marcus Hollands, the final images are removed from their original environments with painting, cutting and collage techniques.

Each featured A.BCH garment appears suspended in time, with a focus on the garment birth, life and afterlife. You can experience the campaign in its fullest form at our VAMFF runway show on 09.03.20.

Limited tickets are available to purchase here.