Customisation with A.BCH in-house tailors

We believe every body should be able to wear A.BCH, simple as that.

We're aware that bodies come in all shapes, forms and sizes that probably fall outside of a "conventional" sizing range – a range that can be the cause of purchase regret, fit issues and waste. So we have a solution.

Thanks to our commitment to in-house production and a hyper-localised supply chain, we can alter or customise most of our garments to meet your needs!

Be it a wider waist, a longer hem, or any other custom fit for your smokin' hot bod. Book a try-on appointment here, or contact us with your questions. Customisations on any A.BCH piece at the time of purchase are free of charge. 

Ready to go? Order size 'C' for Custom and we'll be in touch to find out what you'd like. Shop all Custom products here.

Looking for a customised wardrobe to fit you perfectly? We're now accepting appointments for Wardrobe Consultations with our head designer. Enquire here.