Circular Design Strategy + Services

We're offering business consultation services in the following areas:

– Circular Design (clothing)
– Organisational Circular Strategy
– Textile Waste Management and Flows
– Custom Circular Design Guides and Toolkits
– Manufacturing Methods for Design Durability
– Lifecycle Visualisation and Management

Contact us to let us know how we can help you on your circular design journey. 


For Independent / Micro Business (under $200,000 AUD Revenue), we offer Mini Consultations in convenient and affordable 30min – 1hour sessions. If your organisation is larger than this, please contact us via email for a customised quote.


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Additional Business Services

For fashion, design or circular economy product-based businesses, we can custom build company-specific workshops and training to share invaluable and practical experience and know-how and propel the industry into a circular future. We specialise in:

- circular systems for business
- co-design / manufacturing up-skilling
- regenerative sourcing, research and development
- circular economy leadership and citizen action
- design / manufacturing team in-person and virtual workshops
- public / private presentations, panels and speaking engagements

Please get in touch for more details by emailing us here.